Dividend investing the best long term investment strategy

Much is said and written about investing and the wealth building potential is has. Most resources will tell you that investing in the stock market will provide wealth. But what is the best, preferred and ultimate long term investment strategy? The (scientific) result lies in the numbers. Research has shown some very interesting numbers about dividend investing and even more about why dividend investing is the best, preferred and ultimate long term investing strategy.

The numbers based proof shows that if you invested in the stock market, no specific index. You would have had positive investing results, including dividends, in 67 out of 74 forward moving ten years period. That’s a 91% win rate! This means that when you invested in let’s say 1937 you would have had a chance of 91% of a positive results in 1937, the same counts for when you would have started in 1977, ten years later in 1987 you would have had a positive investment result. The seven ten year periods that gave negative results where 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1946, 2008, and 2009 all famous various financial crisis’s.

 The interesting facts behind these results are dividends. Dividends boosts investment returns, you still get dividend when stocks are showing negative returns and when you would reinvestment the dividends you’ll even put compounding at work, which brings even greater results than shown in the research mentioned here!

Dividend investing is a long term investing method and wealth builder with a proven track record of 91% win ratio! This makes dividend investing the best, preferred and ultimate long term investment strategy. With a proven risk management track record, what do you want more!