Investor profiles dividend investors versus average investors and learning investor

Dividend investors profile is different than the average investors profile. Dividend investors have a long term investment mindset, have more commitment towards their investments and prefer businesses which deliver positive investment returns in any market and economic condition.

Dividend investors know that in times of market and economic downturn the demand for dividend investments is rising and therefore the price of their dividend investment is more stable during difficult times. Last and not least they have an above average experience in investing, in general more than 5 years.

The average investor will sell their investment when the price moves against them. In general they sell dividends related investment last, because they give them some return on their investment and these type of investments are not as volatile due to dividend investors not selling these types of stock.

The “learning” Investor in process of change, knowing the principle of “we live and we learn” will slowly look for more safer and less volatile investments, when they experience negative returns or even large losses. They will turn to more predictable, long term, less risk and better money management trough specific types of investing like dividend investing.